1. Who can take part?

The Cipherathon is an open hackathon. If you love to code, you are more than welcome to participate. This hackathon is a team challenge; however if you are alone, come to the Hackathon and we will form a team for you.

2. What about food?

Food’s on us. However, if you want to step outside for a quick snack, we won’t stop you. :)

3. What do I code on?

BYOD - Bring your own Device. And don't forget to carry your chargers as well.

4. Where is it?


5. Should we have a complete working prototype?

The entire idea need not be entirely implemented however the submission should be functional so that it can be reviewed by the judges.

6. What kind of solutions do you want us to build?

Based on the choice of your problem statement, an effective solution is expected which is presentable to solve the statement and bring an unexpected revolutionary change.